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In the world of commerce, Visa and MasterCard have long reigned supreme. But businesses and customers are burdened by Visa and MasterCard’s recent rate hikes. This hidden cost, often unnoticed, is becoming harder to ignore.

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ACH payments have revolutionized the electronic transfer of funds among businesses, financial institutions, and individuals in the US. However, same-day ACH transfers have taken everything further by allowing faster settlement than the traditional transfer process. Read more here.

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mca laws changing in ca, va and UT

On June 9, California’s Office of Administrative Law approved commercial financing disclosure regulations which require consumer-like disclosures for certain commercial financing products such as small business loans and merchant cash advances. Utah and Virginia passed similar laws earlier this year, and more states are following suit.

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With ACH transactions growing the last few years at over 10% annually (according to NACHA – the regulators of the ACH system) many payment processors and resellers are looking to cash in on that growth and capture additional revenue.

To build ACH yourself might seem simple, easy and risk-free. How hard can it be to simply credit one bank account and fund another?

benefits for ISOs now that we're owned by vci vericheck a commercial bank of California cbc company

Now that we’re part of this banking and financial technology powerhouse of companies, we are entering a profit and growth trajectory because of the vast offerings and solutions for our current client base and future ISO and ISV partners. With VCI’s ACH payments power, and CBC’s banking and bank card solutions, we can now holistically support our ISO partners more than ever. 

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