The month of March 2022 is significant for ACHWorks, Florida and those in Commercial Funding.

Two large and influential Commercial Funding and Revenue Based Funding conferences took place in Florida this month and a small number of key companies decided to take an active role in both. ACHWorks, in its new capacity as a VeriCheck (VCI) company, is one such organization doing this. This is a fun, crazy, busy and highly concentrated effort that will yield great returns.

Funders Forum Recap

The Funders Forum met in Hollywood on March 9-11. It was an honor to sponsor an event of his caliber and get a chance to learn the latest in the Funding space. The keynote by Kevin O’Leary was very insightful and the sessions proved to be full of the most recent and applicable issues in our industry.

We were able to connect with several of our clients, share the news of joining the VCI team and the importance of being bank sponsored by Commercial Bank of California. Our team met with a number of established Revenue Based Funding companies and shared opportunities to leverage ACH payments to collect payments on advances. We are excited about the new opportunities, clients and partners that have come out of that event and those conversations.

Arguably the most fun components of the Funders Forum were the social events built into the conference. These were a great way to connect with all the attendees. And the Feed My Starving Children presentation by Dedicated Recovery and Advanced Recovery (two firms helping with commercial collections) was a wonderful way for all of us to come together for a common cause in this time of turmoil in our world.

Attending deBanked Connect Miami

On March 24, we are attending the deBanked Connect Miami event. This one day “happening” has always been a fantastic condensed way for our team to connect with leaders in the the space and strengthen relationships with the funders and software companies attending and sponsoring the event.

We look forward to helping other businesses grow and connecting them with solutions to optimize their businesses. If you are attending deBanked Connect, email Dave Kirk for a time to catch up and see how we can help your business. – even if you are not attending but want to find out more about how ACHWorks can help you, reach out today!