Bank Sponsored For Stability and Growth

We announced in Q1 that were were acquired by VeriCheck (VCI), one of the leading ACH payments platforms in the nation. VCI is bank-owned and sponsored by Commercial Bank of California (CBC).

Now that we’re part of this banking and financial technology powerhouse of companies, we are entering a profit and growth trajectory because of the vast offerings and solutions for our current client base and future ISO and ISV partners. With VCI’s ACH payments power, and CBC’s banking and bank card solutions, we can now holistically support our ISO partners more than ever. 

One-Stop Solution Backed by VCI to Benefit ISOs

  • Our existing expertise in several high risk marketplaces, including:
    • Commercial funding
    • Merchant cash advance
    • Consumer lending
    • Rent to Own (RTO)
    • Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL)
    • Collections
    • Regular ACH and Same Day ACH
  • Our Virtual Terminal for submitting transactions, which is much more robust than a shared gateway and can support:
    • Single and recurring transactions
    • Transaction import
    • NACHA file import
    • Extensive reporting and ability to export to spread sheet, PDF or quickbooks
  • We are performing ACH transactions in all US Territories
  • We are pays residuals for ISOs

How ISOs Can Leverage CBC’s Bank Card Sponsorship Program

  • Bank is a privately owned $2 billion bank that is both nimble and stable
  • Well-capitalized bank with extensive bankcard acquiring experience
  • Payments Solutions team boasts flexible underwriting for multiple risk categories
  • Delegated Authority for merchant account approvals
  • Late merchant funding times including weekends
  • Unique BINS and ICAs
  • Omni-channel payments including ACH processing

Contact us today to learn how you can leverage these benefits to grow your company.