We are proud to introduce you to our partner ValueLink

We are proud to introduce you to our partner ValueLink. If you are a Real Estate related Lender, AMC, or an Appraiser please look at this write up on our partner. By using the integration all your vendor and appraiser payment can be automated from your dashboard.

ValueLink Software was founded in 2009 and is headquartered in Houston, TX. ValueLink offers cloud-based valuation management solutions for Lenders, Appraisal Management Companies (AMCs) and Appraisers.

With a combination of automation, AI, powerful functionality, and mobile technology, ValueLink makes managing the valuation process simple and efficient for everyone involved. ValueLink automates the entire valuation process – from order creation, vendor allocation and verification, to quality control and report delivery – resulting in at-least 30% reduction in turnaround times and timely delivery of report to end users.

ValueLink Direct (Appraisal Management Software for Lenders):

Direct is the end-to-end real estate valuation software for Lenders that automates the entire appraisal process and simplifies vendor panel management, while maintaining regulatory compliance.

ValueLink Core (Appraisal Management Software for AMCs):

Core is the most comprehensive appraisal management solution for Appraisal Management Companies, enabling them to take control of the appraisal process from order creation to report delivery.

ValueLink Connect (Real Estate Appraisal Software for Appraisers):

Connect is the unified appraisal office management software for appraisers that keeps everything organized in one place while reducing costs, increasing efficiency, and expediting the entire appraisal process.

CrossCheck (Automated Appraisal Review Tool):

CrossCheck is our proprietary automated review tool that analyzes appraisal reports within seconds for almost 1000 rules & alerts reviewers on any potential UAD and non-UAD errors on the report.

HomeView (Virtual Appraisal Inspection Tool):

HomeView is a Virtual Appraisal Inspection tool that uses smart technology to make life easier for Lenders, AMCs, and Appraisers. The tool provides the fastest and easiest way to conduct home inspection while maintaining proper social distancing guidelines.

Website: www.valuelinksoftware.com