ACHWorks Going Digital – 2020 All Digital deBanked Broker Fair

ach processor

For one day it was almost like a normal networking meeting/conference. Broker Fair, brought to us all by deBanked was quite a success. Offering a digital space that included a virtual auditorium, networking lounge, expo hall, and individual company booths, the event attempted to recreate the experience of connecting and mingling with the rest of the industry.

It was so good to “see” so many friends, partners and prospective clients in one “space”. I say “see” because we did not see anyone. But we did get to communicate with people via chat in the networking lounge, one on one chat and even audibly by phone at appointed times.

At first the networking lounge could seem daunting, but very quickly someone familiar would sign in and there you are already chatting. This is a skill that we will just need to develop and expand. After that “talk” was over with one friend, partner or prospect…on to the next….

deBanked did a fine job of keeping everything light. Sean Murray even had an amusing “Matrix” themed introduction video to begin the event. ACHWorks so enjoys being a part of the alternative commercial finance family. In fact, I think we were the only ACH processor who was there. Hmmmmm…..

New relationships were opened, existing relationships strengthened. It was very close to what one would expect from any good conference. We did miss the refreshments and appetizers though Sean. What could be done about that?

We cannot wait for the next event, Lend360 is coming up in November.

We are genuinely excited about this next event. The Online Lenders Alliance is at the very heart of the online finance industry. Let’s connect at these.